Brand Refresh Redesign and Packaging for food

As a strategic brand designer and packaging design expert, I excelled at creating initial concept renderings and designing logos that captured the desired look and feel on this refresh. To ensure efficiency and cost savings, I adopted a hands-on approach, personally overseeing the entire design and production process. Through effective collaboration and mentorship, we refined the chosen designs and extend them to their full potential.

When it comes to production, I took charge in designing phase working with reliable manufacturing and guiding the project through its execution. By leveraging my expertise and industry connections, I ensured a seamless transition from design to production, maintaining a high level of quality throughout.

Throughout the entire process, I was actively involved, providing guidance and support to both designers and production staff. My hands-on approach and mentorship contributed to a cohesive and streamlined workflow, resulting in timely and successful project delivery. Work seen here is 100% hands on by me.

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