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Under the supervision of AVP of Creative Dan Mankowski, I led the hair color category at L'Oréal Matrix and embarked on a rebranding initiative for the ColorGraphics portfolio with a new design strategy as I wrote here. The objective was to target a younger and more edgy clientele by giving the brand a fresh direction. The new look and feel had to be distinct from the existing hair color products in L'Oréal Matrix's portfolio. Additionally, there was a need to effectively communicate the idea of fast and efficient hair coloring solutions. The ColorGraphics line encompassed both coloring and lightening products, but they lacked sufficient differentiation from one another.



As part of the rebranding effort for the COLORGRAPHICS portfolio, my goal was to transform it into a dynamic and influential brand with a strong presence. I envisioned creating a new brand that is fashion-forward, edgy, and playful, capturing the attention of our target audience. This rebranding would encompass various elements, including packaging design, logo development, and advertising strategies.

Packaging Design: The packaging to be redesigned to reflect the new brand identity. It would feature bold and vibrant colors, eye-catching graphics, and modern typography. The packaging to be sleek and visually striking, conveying a sense of confidence and trendiness.

Logo: The new logo to be designed to capture the essence of the brand. To be innovative, with a strong visual impact and a unique typography style. The logo to represent the brand's edginess and playfulness, instantly recognizable and memorable.

Advertising: Our advertising campaigns would showcase the brilliant color selection of the COLORGRAPHICS portfolio. The campaigns to be creative, engaging, and aligned with the brand's fashion-forward and edgy image. They will utilize various mediums such as print, digital, and social media to reach our target audience effectively.

Interchangeable Graphics: To adapt to ever-changing trends, to introduce the concept of interchangeable graphics. This feature to allow the brand to customize product packaging with different graphic elements, reflecting their personal style and the latest fashion trends. It would provide a sense of versatility and individuality, further enhancing the brand's appeal.

By implementing these strategies, aimed to revitalize the COLORGRAPHICS portfolio, positioning it as a powerhouse brand that offers brilliant color options and adapts effortlessly to evolving fashion trends.



With the rebranding efforts and the strength of the new brand, marketing projected global sales of $18 million in the first year. The focus on building a brand so powerful that warranted the creation of its own Brand Guidelines. This demonstrated the commitment to establishing a consistent and cohesive brand identity across all touchpoints.

The success of the rebranded COLORGRAPHICS portfolio has been remarkable, with the brand becoming a trendsetter in the industry. The management recognized the brand's power and influence, leading to a decision to expand it into the retail sector. This expansion into retail opened up new opportunities for growth and market penetration, further solidifying the brand's position as a dominant force in the hair color industry.

By establishing its own Brand Guidelines and expanding into retail, the rebranded COLORGRAPHICS portfolio has demonstrated its strength and potential as a powerful and trendsetting brand.


The COLORGRAPHICS brand was positioned as the umbrella brand, with two distinct sub-brands: LACQUER for color products and LIFT&TONE for lightening products. Each sub-brand had its own unique graphic identifier, with LIFT&TONE featuring a watercolor texture and LACQUER featuring a bright liquid texture. The sub-brand names were positioned below the COLORGRAPHICS umbrella brand, allowing for future expansion and the addition of more sub-brands within the category.

To convey a playful style, model choices and photo shoots were executed with a playful approach. In order to manage costs and simplify model rights management, variations of looks were illustrated instead of relying solely on photography. The illustration style chosen was free and artsy, resonating well with hairdressers and positioning them as "hair artists." Izak Zenou was hired and collaborated on these illustrations.

The "squares" incorporated into the packaging design were inspired by the pixels of a rasterized and zoomed-in image on a computer screen. These squares represented a variety of colors and conveyed richness, while also allowing for endless packaging extensions and adaptations.

For the LACQUER sub-brand, the squares were designed to have a free-flowing arrangement, appealing to edgier and free-spirited women who were unafraid to express themselves. In contrast, the squares for the LIFT&TONE sub-brand were static, symbolizing controlled lightening. This graphical differentiation helped visually separate and distinguish the two sub-brands within the overall COLORGRAPHICS brand.

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