I have a proven track record of successfully launching products under tight timelines and challenging circumstances. As a Design Director, I led a team of junior designers to launch product lines for well-known brands like Marilyn Monroe, Hard Candy, and Earth to Skin while managing to set up a whole WFH functional design department and design procedures in midst of a global shut-down.

Despite the pandemic, under tough circumstances, with an 100% hands on approach I created and prepared for launch a hands-on hand sanitizer collection that was activated for immediate sales at Walmart E-commerce site in less than 2 months, including packaging design, product photography, e-commerce presence and social media campaigns. The Earth to Skin hand sanitizers alone generated a revenue of 9 million dollars at launch. However, I was let go from the company in May 2020, later the project was sold to Walmart generating millions and still being sold on Walmart E-Commerce.

Later with curiosity and my desire for growth in 2021, I learned about new tech and got into building the new era of the internet with blockchain technologies, AI and web 3. As a result, I have been working as a brand manager and a creative director on designing a self-care product line for gamers in collaboration with Bored Apes, a leading NFT project. Unfortunately, the launch has been postponed due to the collabrating company's financial constraints, not aligning with brand values and quality we strive for. We exited from licensing agreement in May 22nd 2022.

During the pandemic I opened up my own shopify e-commerce store, created my own designs for tshirts, hoodies, home goods and products and sold my prints on demand products with my art – this was small but helped me to generate income during the pandemic to pay bills and survive. I also became the first Turkish American Female artist where my art was chosen by NYC's Iconic Rockefeller Center's flag project and displayed for a month in 2023. My art flag was reserved on May 2023 to be at the Historic Archives of Rockefeller Foundation.

My most recent work project I am proud of: I took Estee Lauder's MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2024 collection to launch, where I completed 36 complex designs from design intent files to production for their holiday packaging in just 6 weeks, covering for shortcomings of their internal design studio due to the pandemic and holiday rush, working fulltime on-site at their Soho, NYC office. Although I cannot share the details or visuals until it is launched, this project is a testament to my ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines.

While looking for a full-time position, I have also been focusing on illustrations and digital design with new technologies, which you can see some examples of on my Paintings&Drawings tab. With my extensive experience and ability to create effective designs under challenging circumstances, I am confident in my ability to add value to any corporation I join.


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