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L'Oréal Matrix, founded in 1980 and acquired by L'Oréal in the early 2000s, holds the distinction of being the leading American professional hair color and care brand globally. The brand is dedicated to empowering hairdressers worldwide by offering accessible innovation and education that remain at the forefront of the industry. With a range of innovative and intelligent products, Matrix enables hairdressers to embrace the American dream and realize their full potential.

Matrix strives to provide hairdressers with a comprehensive selection of products that not only support the growth of their businesses but also offer them the means to fully leverage their talent and creativity. By equipping hairdressers with the tools they need, Matrix fosters an environment where professionals can flourish and bring their artistic visions to life.


Following its acquisition by L'Oréal and expansion into new markets, MATRIX recognized the importance of pushing formula innovation and creating new, iconic designs that could thrive in their respective categories. One such brand that emerged from this effort was COLORINSIDER, designed to appeal to both younger and aging women who desired trendy hair color options, safe formulas, excellent gray coverage, and a wide range of shades. The goal was to make women feel sexy and confident with their colored hair.

As part of the internal design studio, under the guidance of AVP of Creative Dan Mankowski, our team led the development of the iconic design for COLORINSIDER. We focused on crafting a design that not only reflected the brand's trendy image but also connected with the target demographic. Our aim was to create an aesthetic that conveyed a sense of style, sophistication, and reliability, emphasizing the safe and high-quality nature of the product.

Through our collaborative efforts, we worked diligently to ensure that the design of COLORINSIDER aligned with the brand's vision and effectively communicated its unique selling points. Our goal was to create an iconic design that would resonate with consumers and position COLORINSIDER as a leading choice for hair color, catering to the needs of both younger and aging women.


COLORINSIDER focused on strengthening its core business and building shade innovation with a trend-forward classic color that appealed to women of all ages. The objective was to offer 8 to 12 shades within this category that would be highly desirable among consumers.

Extensive research and development efforts were undertaken to identify and create the perfect shades for the trend-forward classic color. Market trends, consumer preferences, and expert insights were carefully analyzed to ensure that the selected shades aligned with the desired brand image and appealed to women across different age groups.

The chosen shades reflected a balance between trendiness and timelessness, allowing women to express their personal style while maintaining a classic appeal. This diverse range of options within the trend-forward classic color category catered to the varied preferences of consumers.

By expanding the shade offerings and focusing on trend-forward classic colors, COLORINSIDER successfully strengthened its core business and solidified its position as a go-to choice for women seeking fashionable and versatile hair color options.


We decided to focus on the captivating and confident color of red, infusing it with a new sense of sexiness and allure. Our management team fell in love with this choice, recognizing its potential to resonate with our target audience.

To create a modern and confident red, we emphasized subtlety and confident sexiness. We added drama and personality to the shades, ensuring they would contribute to a diversified portfolio. Conducting new photoshoots featuring models with red hair, we captured the essence of confident women and applied the same look and feel to all our collaterals. This comprehensive approach elevated the project and made a significant impact.

Instead of designing different packages for each shade, we made a strategic decision to design only one package. The front panel effectively communicated all the shades of red, while the specific shades were displayed on flaps with labels. This innovative packaging design not only saved tremendously on overall production costs but also provided a streamlined and cohesive visual representation.

The shades we selected struck a balance between trendiness and timelessness, allowing women to express their personal style while maintaining a classic appeal. This diverse range of options within the trend-forward classic color category catered to the varied preferences of our consumers.

By focusing on the captivating and confident color of red, implementing a cohesive design approach, and delivering a comprehensive range of shades, we successfully positioned COLORINSIDER as a bold and confident brand. Our efforts gained traction with consumers, solidifying our position as a leader in the hair color market.


Sales were projected to reach $5 million annually in the EU and NA regions. The solution we created for COLORINSIDER proved to be highly successful, prompting us to adopt a similar approach for our blonde portfolio and embark on a new project.

Building on the success of COLORINSIDER, we recognized the opportunity to leverage our expertise and develop a trend-forward approach for our blonde hair color products. We aimed to capture the essence of modernity, sophistication, and versatility that resonated with our target consumers.

By conducting thorough market research and analyzing consumer preferences, we curated a range of shades within the blonde portfolio that offered a balance between trendy and timeless. Our goal was to provide women with a diverse selection of blonde shades that would empower them to express their individuality and personal style.

In terms of packaging design, we applied the same strategic decision-making process as we did with COLORINSIDER. By creating a unified packaging concept that showcased all the shades of blonde on the front panel and provided detailed information on the flaps, we ensured a visually appealing and user-friendly experience for our customers.

The success of our blonde portfolio further reinforced our brand's position as a leader in the hair color industry. The positive reception and sales growth encouraged us to explore new projects and continue our commitment to delivering innovative and trend-setting solutions for our consumers.


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