New Brand Product Development and Design

As the sole brand and packaging designer at Qunol, my primary objective was to enhance the packaging aesthetics and elevate the overall visual appeal of the brand in extremely fast timeline driven entreprenerual environment. Drawing upon my extensive experience and refined taste from the beauty industry, I aimed to create packaging designs that resonated with consumers and aligned seamlessly across various retail channels, including big box retailers, e-commerce platforms, and organic markets.

One of my notable achievements was the design of a nutrition line specifically tailored to appeal to women. Leveraging my background in designing beauty products across multiple categories, I infused the concept of inner beauty into the visual elements of the packaging. This integration of beauty-inspired concepts complemented the quality and effectiveness of the products, creating a cohesive and enticing brand experience for the target audience.

Throughout the entire process, I was involved in every stage, from concepting and creative direction to development, design, and production. This hands-on approach allowed me to meticulously oversee each aspect of the packaging design, ensuring consistency and a high level of quality.

Furthermore, my role extended to working closely with major retailers such as Costco, Amazon, and Whole Foods. I successfully executed the design and production of packaging for these brands, navigating their specific requirements and delivering results that met their standards.

As the lead brand and packaging designer, I took pride in executing all aspects of the design process, showcasing my expertise in concept development, creative direction, and production. My dedication to delivering exceptional designs and my ability to seamlessly integrate my beauty industry background into the nutrition category helped Qunol stand out in the market and establish a strong presence across various retail platforms. All work seen here is done 100% hands on by me and distrubuted to manufacturing for production, costing and logistics.


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